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Carpool Chats with Deana Brown: Uh Oh What If I Can't Get Alimony?!

Let's talk alimony or what some call "spousal support".

In some states like Texas, if you have assets (wealth) then the likelihood of you getting spousal support aka alimony is very slim to none. So, what do you do if you don't get alimony or spousal support?

During the divorce, we help you get your assets (you built these with your spouse during your marriage). When you get those assets, you create cash flow by investing and getting dividends and interest. We send money from your investment account to your checking account once a month. This is just like you getting a paycheck so that you can pay all your bills and living expenses. Most of all, you will have the means to do the things you want to do, take those trips and create memories with your family.

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