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Carpool Chats with Deana Brown: Work with a CDFA After Divorce

Updated: Feb 7

When I tell people what I do, I hear all the time, "I wish I knew about your service when I was getting a divorce.".

Even if you are already divorced, it's not too late to work with a CDFA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. A CDFA will help you:

  • Design a custom financial plan to reach your personal goals.

  • Assist in helping you manage your cash flow

  • Invest your money according to your financial plan

  • Implement your financial plan; you don't have to do it alone

  • Continuously monitor update your plan because life is always changing

In my opinion, the most important reason to work with a CDFA after divorce: She will take the time so you understand your plan and have you engage in the decision making.

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