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How to Help Clients Through This Volatile Market

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I put together a 3 minute video on how you can help your clients through the current volatile stock and bond market. In my video I explain my logic around some of the actions that we have taken with our clients.

As a reminder, at CFP, investments are guided by the financial plan. The financial plan is guided by the client's goals and NOT by what the stock market does on a daily basis. Planning is for the long term. So when it comes to investing, we are proactive and not reactive.

Not everyone has someone to reassure them and guide them through these volatile times. If you know someone that would benefit from a second opinion, please send a mutual email to them and me ( with an introduction. Or send a group text to 904.651.2471 introducing us. I will do the rest.

We appreciate your confidence in us and we value your relationship tremendously! At anytime, you need to chat over the phone or in person, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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